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Positive Impact Waste Solutions, Inc (PIWW)

The PIWW-3000 renders medical waste unrecognisable and reduces the original waste volume by more than 70%. The environmental friendliness of the PIWW-3000 is further enhanced by the fact that the unit does not produce any air or wastewater emissions or other hazardous by-products.

An onboard computer will be used to monitor and manage the entire processing cycle for the PIWW-3000 unit. The time of processing, weight and pH level are captured for permanent and regulatory records. The pH level is continuously monitored so that a pH value of above 11 is maintained for the treated waste stream leaving the exit auger. The
PIWW-3000 has been tested and received approval from the US EPA for use as an accepted medical waste treatment process. The unit meets or exceeds the STAAT II and WHO guidelines for biological destruction, medical waste treatment process.


Simonds has been a leading manufacturer in the US of hospital waste incincerators for over 60 years. The company has over 300 operating units in hospitals and industrial plants worldwide.

The incinerator unit's primary chamber is designed to operate in a control or 'starved air' combustion mode that produces a carbon rich smoke that is thermally oxidised in the secondary chamber. The two stage combustion design helps to minimise particulate emissions and auxilliary fuel requirements. Ash pushers or transfer rams move the waste pile towards the rear of the unit and helps facilitate an efficient burn of the material.

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