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Integrated Property Services

Total Management Program

Onsite Waste Assessment & Training Services

Waste specialists assist hospitals in reviewing their onsite medical waste handling procedures for compliance with government regulations. They help to train hospital waste personnel on proper collection, packaging and segregation of medical waste.

Collection Services

Regular scheduled collection of medical waste using specially designed double-walled trucks. Hospitals are supplied with plastic, reusable containers for storing and transporting medical waste. Cleansed and disinfected containers are then returned to the hospitals after each use.

Central Disposal Facilities

A specially constructed centralised disposal facility will be built to service the hospitals and healthcare facilities within a designated area. The waste facilities are designed to meet all the current government medical waste tratement and handling regulations. Each facility is enclosed with security fencing to restrict unauthorised access, and has a receiving area for collections, medical waste storage room, medical waste disinfection processing area, washing area for cleaning and disinfecting the reusable waste containers.

Waste Manifest/Tracking System

A unique end-to-end waste manifest system electronically tracks the shipment status of medical waste from point of pickup to the time it is treated at the central disposal facility. The Group's system also enables customers to view online a complete history of their medical waste collection activities, and provides regulators proof of destruction for each hospital and healthcare facility.

Building-Engineering Services