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Integrated Property Services


The Group operates its medical waste management business through its wholly-owned subsidiary UE Envirotech (Beijing) Co Ltd in China.

The business started in 2004 after the outbreak of SARs in the region which highlighted the need for more adequate containment-controlled, transportation and treatment of medical waste. Leveraging on its existing business network in China and experience in providing management support and maintenance services to hospitals through UMC ServiceMaster Pte Ltd in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Group successfully penetrated into the medical waste industry in China.

The Group's treatment facilities are custom built to meet the requirements of local municipalities. A variety of technologies are employed to suit different needs and environments. Its Anshan treatment plant is one of the first to employ a non-incineration technology in China. The chemical disinfection system is powered by a technology from USA and developed by the Texas-based Positive Impact Waste Solutions, Inc. Due to the non incineration methodology, the facility almost produces no air

The Group's Liaocheng treatment plant is designed to operate a high-volume incinerator by Simonds. The incinerator utilises an advanced two-stage burn design that minimises particle emissions. It reduces medical waste by over 90%, saving local landfill space.

Today with about 200 staff across 12 cities - Anshan, Fuxin, Dandong, Jiamusi, Xixiang, Jiazuo, Liaochen, Shaoyang, Chenzhuo, Jian, Weifang and Hegang - covering more than 120,000 hospital beds.

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